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Authors/Autores: Claudia Canarim, Julia Salaroli, Sezen Tonguz and Vitória Teles Grilo

Publisher/Editor: (RE)UNION (2018)

Paperback/Capa mole: 148 páginas

Language/Língua: Português/Inglês




Publication project within the scope of (Re)Union 2018
Projeto de publicação no âmbito do (Re)union.

(Re)union is an autonomous initiative from a group of international artists with a strong will to enable connections between peers and promote their work. It has the aim of understanding what moves this generation of artists, enabling space for experimentation and collective practices of artistic production.

Originally emerged from a alumni reunion of Choreographic Creation, Dance Research and Training Program (PEPCC, Forum Dança), (Re)union now expands its reach and welcomes emerging artist in the performing arts who are willing to contribute to a artist community via self-organized international activities.