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Notafe Festival

July 7-14, 2017

Viljandi, Estonia

Wokshops, events, performances, discussions...

Books on the Move will set up an ephemeral bookstore for the whole duration of the festival.





NOTAFE is a week-long festival [professional training, educational event, fruitful holiday, inspiring encounter] taking place annually, where about hundred people dive together into the July in Viljandi, Estonia, all triggered by a common attraction - an active attitude concerning one's body and mind. What's happening on site is a contemporary-wise school, meaning verbal but also physical dialogue; inner, abstract but also operative, actual curiosity, and shared time and space. The proposition, offered by notafe is a fixed seven-day timetable, freedom of choice included. The program contains different workshops, performances, talks and discussions, organised meetings, meals, music and walks, latenight dancing, fresh air and thoughts. The upcoming festival will be its twenty fifth!

Workshops: Ruth Zaporah, Vladimir Sidorov, Diego Agulló, Peter Stamer, Edivaldo Ernesto, Juan Dominguez, Perrine Bailleux, Cassie Tunick, Bruno Caverna, Andrea Costanzo Martini