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In Situ - European artists on the road / Voyages d’artistes européens

In Situ - European artists on the road / Voyages d’artistes européens

Authors: Patrick de Groote, Joris Janssens & Jean-Sébastien Steil
Publisher: éditions l'Entretemps (2006)

Soft cover: 208 pages
Language: English/French
ISBN13: 978-2-912877-53-6

€ 25,00

IN SITU gave 18 artists carte blanche to recount their work abroad, their role as creators intervening in public space throughout Europe. First-hand witnesses of the dialogue and cooperation which are the very soul of the network, eighteen artists recount their anecdotes, tales of journeys, scattered memories of crossing borders.

On every page, we meet unusual characters, portraits sketched during journeys between one world and another. Through these snapshots, some artists explain how this experience enriched and in some cases altered their creative process in the field – in situ as it were.


Patrick de Groot, Les petites histoires / The little stories

Sylvie Martin-Lahmani, Territoires : Rue, Europe, Monde

Benjamin Verdonck, Hirondelle/Dooivogeltje/The great swallow

Gavin Lockart

Ian Smith, Mischief Là bas

Ersnt Mariane Binder, Nacht, Weg, Rand

Générik Vapeur, Trafic d'acteurs et d'engins

G . R . A . M ., Eiffelturm, zerstückelt

Jean-Raymond Jacom & Enrique Jimenez, O P O S I T O

Laure Delamotte-Legrand, Aqua Alta

Deseperate Men

Producciones imperdibles, Mirando al cielo

Judith Nab, Thêatre espace

Léa Dant, Théâtre du voyage intérieur

Leandre-Claire, El teatro de calle

Michel Sarunac, Théâtre rouge

Stefan Novak, Theater irrwisch

Wladyslaw Znorko, Cosmos kolej

Zomer Van Antwerpen, De zon is Van Iedereen

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